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Michael Feldman's NPR show. See especially
The Whad'Ya Know Quiz: The Winners' Circle: March 20-March 26, 1999
Karass pages the first theone The Flying Quill
Poetry and prose by Mimosajo
Gs truckGeorge's home page
MouseGramma Carol's Cole Scrapbook
guitar playerSam A. Funk's place.
Good references for music and lots of other things.
The Shorock family home page flower
Good links, and a well-designed presentation.
Mandolin Heaven Picker's Place - the Steve Gouge home pageSteve
LightfootGordon Lightfoot WWW Pages The John McCutcheon Home Page *
The Austin Chronicle

The Random Quotations page is a good place to look for signature file tag lines.

Check outTropical Cyclone Strike Probabilities before planning vacations in or near the water...

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