When my grandson was born I became very interested in a family history, and Aunt Shirley and I talked about this online shortly before her death. A year later, am finally getting back to it. With a lot of help from Paul I've started this Bond descendants website. It is newborn as of 16 January 1999, and is very much in the planning stage.

There is a birthday page, that will serve as an index to a "photo album" of the most-current pictures we can find. I have already discovered this family is shaky on dates; and I am probably the worst, so please send me any corrections or additions, as well as any pictures or stories that you would like to share.

There's also a memories section where we can share and save stories and pictures. We'll add a new section for each surname, place or event that we need to make the site easier to use and maintain. Anybody who'd like their own subdirectory should just drop me a note and I'll send upload instructions.