The Bond Cousins site is (dis)organized as follows:
Reference Material
Birthdays & Anniversaries
lists by month and day the birthdays and anniversaries that have been provided.
Vital statistics
These pages list the name, birth and death dates, e-mail addresses (where known) and include links to either a page in the memories section of the site or an external web page if that is known. These pages are:
The family tree This section provides an overall organization to the site. Beginning with the Bond siblings, a link for each spouse leads to a page that lists their children, with links to the "vital statistics" page that references them.

In general, the left-most link is to reference information, and the right-hand link is to a page that is "farther down the branch of the tree."

Memories This is the disorganized part of the site. It is basically a collection of family photos and stories very loosely organized around places, events, and people. The people subdirectories are by surname, and in general do not have an "index" page in the memories section.

The "memories" section is designed to hold anything anyone wants to store there.Links are provided from the "tree" and "reference" sections, and the lack of indexes in the memory section encourages people to just "explore" the files that are available there, and contribute new memories to be added.

Shortcuts to most of the pages on the site are provided on the Site Map.