Sydney - 2 July through 9 August 2002

Sydney harbor at sunset

Once again it was work that sent me out of the country, to Sydney, Australia. The picture of the Harbor Bridge was taken from a ferry using a standard point-and-shoot 35mm camera. The exposure wasn't exactly right and the one-hour developing machine interpreted it as a panoramic. The best picture from the trip was a mistake!

The first 10 days I stayed at the Radisson Plaza in the Central Business District.

Radisson Plaza

Desk Workspace
This provided a most pleasant workspace. I had internet access without having to get an ISP at the cost of about 20 US dollars per day. Needless to say, I ran up quite a hotel bill that wasn't covered by my expense account.

Speaking of which, I didn't really have one, because we're in a transitional period where Australia and the US aren't on the same expense reportng system, so I had to get by on credit cards and the cash I'd brought with me. I arrived back in the US with about $40 to use to get home. I made it with ten dollars to spare.

Vanity This is a 5-star hotel, which means you get a bowl instead of a sink and a well-stocked mini-bar.
On my first Sunday, a coworker called me to tip me off about a coffee festival going on at Circular Quay, so I headed out for pictures.

On 13 July I moved to the Corporate Apartments in St. Leondards. Those don't come with minibars, but what I really missed most were the separate internet access phone line and cable tv.

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