Coffee Festival, The Rocks, and the Harbor Bridge

Circular Quay (pronounced "key") is the train station at Sydney Cove. This is the main interchange for ferries, trains and buses.

I wound up here almost every weekend, but the first time I was here I didn't know where I was going or what I what I was going to be doing, and that turned out to take me to all the right places to get pictures of Sydney's landmarks.

Wynyard platforms 5&6 I spent a lot of time on various platforms at Wynyard Station. This is the one that takes me to Circular Quay.
Circular Quay Station is located above the the ferry wharves in Sydney Cove. Train station, ferry wharves, and CBD
I hadn't known about the coffee festival, but I had been told about the Harbor Bridge tour, so I was headed for that. View of Harbor Bridge from Circular Quay
Coffee festival banner It took me awhile to find the festival, but once I did that lead me into "The Rocks" - This is where Sydney was founded and pretty much every weekend something interesting is held here. This particular weekend was a coffee festival, but what I got out of it was a long walk up to the bridge.
It took me awhile to find out that the festival was on the left as you came out of the station. The main stage was playing 60s style music complete with go-go girls. I just passed through here on my way to the bridge. Main stage at the coffee festival
Walking towards the Rocks I walked through the festival and into the Rocks on my way to the bridge. I did't take many pictures, but along the way I stopped to get corn on the cob (the Aussies steam them instead of roasting them, but otherwise this was like a county fair in the states).
Opera House
This was the first picture I took of the Opera House. There's no way to get the idea of the scale of this building except by visiting it, and that came later.
View of Sydney CoveOn the walk up the bridge I got this picture of Sydney Cove.
This is a view of North Sydney from the Harbor Bridge. North Sydney from the Harbor Bridge
Sydney from the Harbor Bridge Another view of North Sydney from the Harbor Bridge.
Sydney Harbor from the Harbor Bridge This is a view of Sydney Harbor from the observation deck on the southeast pylon. Manly is in the far distance.
Sydney Centre from the Harbor Bridge Sydney Centre as viewed from the Harbor Bridge observation platform.

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