Moving Day - 13 July

Ian offered to drive me from the hotel to the apartments in his new car. Only problem was it was a spiffy little two-seater with a boot that would only hold 1 of my bags. I had to make two trips, and that was when I learned I had the wrong kind of train ticket for St Leonards to/from the city.

The Corporate Apartments were pretty plain, but it was nice to have a fridge that didn't charge for taking something out.

From the entry The kitchen is to the right, with the sun coming in the exposure wasn't good. I'll look for a better picture.
Looking toward the entry. This building was as secure as work - you needed a badge to get in and to use the lifts. From the window
Bedroom The bedroom was quite small, as was the bathroom.
View from the third floor This is the view from the apartment, right over the entrance to the building.

For the first four weeks I was there the sky almost always looked exactly like this. When it finally clouded over and actually rained, my comment was "I'm glad to see Sydney actually has weather!"

But the first Sunday I was at the new apartment, it was cloudy and cool.

St Leondards platform
The train station is right under Forum Plaza. I'm told they had to rebuild it as a part of constructing the office/apartment tower complex.
Train at St Leonards platform 2 It was a little cloudy the next Saturday, but I set out for more sightseeing/reconnoitering.

Actually, I was looking for a camcorder battery, 'cause I'd misplaced mine.

I'd wanted to see Central Station anyway, so I got off there first. The first place I asked about camcorder batteries told me I should've gotten off at Town Hall.... Platform at Central
Plaza outside Central
Monorail station at Galleries Victoria I came out of Town Hall Station in the Galleries Victoria, which coincidentally also has a monorail stop. I didn't find a camcorder battery (actually I found too many, and couldn't remember the size) but I'd found a way to get around the part of Sydney that didn't have trains.
Entrance to Town Hall Station
I took the train back to St. Leonards, got my camcorder, and set out on foot looking for camera batteries. The person at the desk suggested two places right there in the plaza, but the second of those sent me across Pacific Highway. The guy there sent me a few blocks up the road, to a place that sent me a few blocks farther... well, I'd gotten about 12 blocks (up and down hills) before I found someone who said I had to go to Chatswood. So I walked back, to the train to there, and walked nearly as far before I found a Sony store. It was three o'clock in the afternoon by this time, so I decided I'd just go back to Circular Quay and take a ferry ride.
Circular Quay Station
Sydney Ferry and Harbor Bridge
You can actually walk over the top of the superstructure of the bridge. I didn't, 'cause I was afraid I'd lose my glasses. Ferry
E side of Sydney Cove W side of Sydney Cove
East and West sides of Sydney Cove. The picture on the right is close to The Rocks, where Sydney was founded and there are a lot of neat shops.
Opera House
Harbor Bridge Harbor Bridge
Bridge and Opera House
Darling Harbor
View from Cocklebay Wharf I decided to get off at Darling Harbor. This is where the Aquarium, IMAX theatre, Convention Center, and Maritime Museum are. It was getting late, but noticing there was a monorail stop here I figured I knew how to get home and how to get back here for those (without taking the ferry).
Town Hall I must be close to Town Hall Station... and therefore home!
Platform at Town Hall

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